Breaking all the “Rules”

Easter Picnic

This is the photo I took with my Blackberry of our blissful lunch in the snow on Easter, at the tail end of an incredible day of skiing. At 2:30 pm Robby and I sat on a “snow bench” looking out over the valley eating our sandwiches… In four days of skiing in April, this was about it for the sunshine. Continue reading

Taking it down a notch

Prep vs Lakeside 2-1

So, I’ve been writing this blog now for almost 3 months. I’ve learned a lot. Most importantly, I’ve learned how much I treasure being able to “be there” when the “goals are scored”, both literally and figuratively. Today, I missed Robby’s assist in the first half because I was with Gillian at the orthodontist, but I got there for the goal. He says the assist was the better play…

... and its in the net.

Just as important as being there for the victories, however, and possibly even more so, is the importance of being there when things are not going well. Being there to support a the child who is suffering or struggling, whether with friends or with calculus. I can’t help with the calculus, nor even the pre-calculus, but I can still be there… make some cocoa or a sandwich, give a hug or a high five. Continue reading

Soccer Season

Prep vs Vashon

Bear with me while I work on my sports photography…

Today, the rain held off. I had a chance to play with shooting from different places on the sidelines as well as from behind the baseline.  It didn’t matter that I was at the vet with Sherlock and Cody and arrived at the game just as the ref blew the halftime whistle. Continue reading


I think this play resulted in a penalty kick

I’m not sure why that # 6 guy had to go running in there. I would have loved to see this shot unobstructed. It is the most interesting photo on my memory card today, and I love the expressions, so this is it. Besides, Robby hasn’t had a photo lately, so its his turn. It was a tough day for photography at the soccer field. I got about 15 good minutes before I had to retire my camera due to a spring downpour. Shooting at sporting events has a different set of challenges than other stuff I photograph. For soccer, I really need to pay attention only to the game and shooting. I can’t be chatting on the sidelines with the parents and expect to get anything. I think my best shots are from the end of the field off to the side of the goal a little bit.  Continue reading

A Relevant Question

Before the Storm

Once a month I spend a full day in a class out in the Greenlake area. Today, as I drove toward the lake, I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the colors in the sky and the sharpness of every detail against the darkness of the water. The softness that I think of as characteristic of winter scenes around here was gone. On an impulse, I drove into a parking area, got out, and walked to the lake with my camera in hand to take in the last rays of sun. After weeks of unseasonable warmth, the bite in the March air was refreshing. Continue reading

Homework Strategies

Math Homework

Sometimes when one of my kids is struggling with finishing a homework assignment or project, I’ll ultimately toss out the suggestion that they put it away for the night and get up early in the morning to wrap it up. Its a risky move, because there’s no backup plan. Its “sink or swim”. There’s always that possibility that the alarm doesn’t go off, the printer fails, or the window of time allotted simply isn’t adequate. Continue reading

Lessons from a Soccer Game

Landing on the soccer field?

It always amazes me when I’m at Georgetown soccer field how low the planes come. This afternoon was no exception. As we were parking the car for Robby’s 2:45 game, the new Boeing 787 flew by. I swear it was eye-level. Its one thing when you are driving through the area; you notice a lot of low level air traffic. Standing by the field, however, I often get the impression that a giant malevolent insect is bearing down on me. Continue reading

Not Trying Too Hard

Sunday Morning Soccer Game

I hadn’t yet finished my “Morning Pages” when it was time to dash out the door to the Redhawks game, so there was certainly no chance of ending up in some dark corner of my mind wondering how I got there and where the time had gone. Standing next to a soccer field armed with a camera and a long lens is a very different mental exercise. 16 and 17 year old males play an intense brand of soccer, and rarely does a game end without a yellow card or three. Continue reading