“Sinking into it”

Mt. Rainier

Maybe I should only post photos here taken with my Blackberry! I grabbed this one at noon today while hiking “the King” at the top of Crystal Mountain. I couldn’t resist. Often, while hiking with skis weighing down my right shoulder, I’m inclined to get to the destination as quickly as possible. Today, I had to stop, drop the skis, fish the Blackberry out of my pocket and capture the view. It was so bright, I couldn’t see what I was shooting, but I could see blue at the top of the screen and a swatch of something white-ish across the middle of the frame, so I figured Rainier was “in”. Continue reading

Breaking all the “Rules”

Easter Picnic

This is the photo I took with my Blackberry of our blissful lunch in the snow on Easter, at the tail end of an incredible day of skiing. At 2:30 pm Robby and I sat on a “snow bench” looking out over the valley eating our sandwiches… In four days of skiing in April, this was about it for the sunshine. Continue reading

Easter in Winter

Today’s photograph is not much, and its buried in the text of this post, where it belongs. I don’t like to ski with a big camera, so for now, its just my Blackberry. My camera hasn’t even seen the light of day since I got here. Not only have I been taking a break from the blog, but also from feeling pressured to shoot for it. Now I can’t wait to get back to making pictures and wish I liked to take the camera with me, but I like to ski too much to worry about its weight as well as protecting it if I crash. Continue reading

Taking it down a notch

Prep vs Lakeside 2-1

So, I’ve been writing this blog now for almost 3 months. I’ve learned a lot. Most importantly, I’ve learned how much I treasure being able to “be there” when the “goals are scored”, both literally and figuratively. Today, I missed Robby’s assist in the first half because I was with Gillian at the orthodontist, but I got there for the goal. He says the assist was the better play…

... and its in the net.

Just as important as being there for the victories, however, and possibly even more so, is the importance of being there when things are not going well. Being there to support a the child who is suffering or struggling, whether with friends or with calculus. I can’t help with the calculus, nor even the pre-calculus, but I can still be there… make some cocoa or a sandwich, give a hug or a high five. Continue reading

The Return of Winter

Catching up on Homework

Whenever a kid is home sick the day seems somehow out of whack. I never really know what time it is. The markers of “drop off” and “pick up” are gone, and the urgency to complete a project or do an errand before a daily time deadline is suddenly removed. I usually try to cancel or put off any commitments that keep me away unless its unavoidable, so by evening I feel like I’ve been in a time warp. Gillian was home sick today, and slept half of the morning, so I didn’t want to leave until she awakened and I could at least get her some food and make sure she had what she needed. By the time I got out of my pj’s to walk the dogs it was noon. Continue reading


At Robby's Game

The writing of this blog post tonight has been quite a journey. This is actually the last part of the writing, but since its most related to the photograph, I’m putting it here.

This evening I received a message from an old babysitter who writes a blog about her life as a stay-at-home mom to one little boy (so far!). She mentions in her blog, that she first started babysitting when Charlotte, now home from college for spring break, was two years old. She asked if she could quote my blog in hers. I was honored and flattered. I am also delighted to see the ease with which manages her role. I hope that more young women who have chosen this will find this ease, and I sincerely hope, even more, that they will never answer the question “What do you do?” with the statement, “I’m JUST a stay-at-home mom.” Continue reading

The Carrot


Did I succeed in being in bed, lights out before 12? Yes. This reward thing could be the hot ticket for getting me to actually get more sleep and more rest.

Am I succeeding in feeling inspired tonight? No. But I did get to ski in a foot of new snow for the day. Continue reading

Time Traveling

Heaven Scent

After circling the house a couple of times with my macro/close up lens on my camera, but without my tripod because I had about 10 minutes to allot to finding a photo in this time window, I gave up because there was a slight breeze blowing and every time I’d get the flower or lichen or whatever in focus, it would move.I think I mentioned this once before, but looking through this lens, you’d think there’s a gale blowing, when in reality that bit of nature’s beauty that the lens is trained on is moving almost imperceptibly. I finally (gulp!) pulled the magnolia blossom off the tree and went inside. By the front door, this little hyacinth had keeled over and was face down in the leaves left over from last fall’s storms. I plucked it too, and brought it inside where the sweetness of its fragrance could drift around the kitchen. Continue reading

I Want to do it All


Robby texted me from the mountain this afternoon to say that the snow levels were dangerously low. As much as I was sorry that he was not having a great day of skiing, I was relieved that I wasn’t missing one. So goes my never-ending desire to be in two places at the same time. No question that I wanted to be at Gillian’s first volleyball game of the season, but when Larry Schick issued a “Powder Alert” for Saturday a couple of days ago, I mentally groaned. Continue reading

Flying solo – day 2

I have to admit, I’ve taken to eavesdropping. Any time I overhear someone talking about being a mom, I perk my ears up. Three younger women jogged by me today while I was out walking with the doggies. I was walking fast and they were talking rather loudly, as people running alongside a city street are wont to do; so I was able to follow their conversation for at least half a block. They were discussing the personal challenges of being a stay-at-home mom. One said something about it being easier for women because “its more in our nature”. The second piped up that it was really hard for her and she disagreed with the first woman… that it was sometimes easier for men to be the stay-at-home parent because it wasn’t so “loaded” for them. I knew immediately what she was talking about. It occurred to me a little while later that the crux of the matter is that some stay-at-home moms are like me, in that they want to stay home and raise their children, but its not their calling no matter how hard they try to make it ┬áso. Then they feel guilty that its not their calling, and that they are being selfish for wanting something else. Yikes! Continue reading