Construction Projects

A Fairy House?

I had my camera with me this afternoon walking around Greenlake but it wasn’t the primary reason I was there. I was meeting a friend I hadn’t seen in far too long. As it turned out, the weather cooperated with our plan, and we circled the lake twice without making a dent in the backlog of topics we still haven’t talked about. Continue reading

Familiar and Unfamiliar

Warm and Sunny

Slowing down and allowing myself to feel the fatigue that I have resisted for a long time has side effects I wouldn’t have foreseen. Opening the door to disavowed feelings and sensations means opening a can of worms. I can’t just choose what I’m willing to feel that’s inside. The last couple of days I’ve run up against an uncomfortable and unwelcome feeling of discouragement. Continue reading

Advice From a Friend?

Promise of Spring

If you click on this photo you see a bigger version of it, and this one needs to be seen bigger! Something about the fragility of the pure white petals with the sun shining through them on this single blossom with its delicate filaments topped with brilliant yellow anther captured my imagination.  I actually didn’t know the anatomical terms for the two parts of the stamen until a few minutes ago, but I wanted to wow you with my new knowledge! Continue reading

I Want to Know

Doing Dishes: From the Frying pan into the fire?

You know those moments where nothing seems to make sense and you feel like screaming at God or the Universe, “What the hell is that all about? Is there any justice in this world? I want to know ___?” In your mind, you know that everything will work out, that we are all only given the teachings and lessons that we can handle and learn from, but you can’t imagine how, and knowing that is very different than feeling it?  People you love are getting smacked sideways, or you are getting smacked sideways, and you know you just need to surrender, and stop fighting it, but how do you do that? Continue reading

The Balancing Act

I wrote a poem today. I’ve never written poetry. It just showed up in my head when I was out with the dogs this morning. Of course the material was there. I didn’t just make it up. Last week in my writing workshop I struggled with a memory that I was trying to write about. Its one of those unpleasant memories that comes back periodically and leaves a bad taste in my mouth along with disturbing images in my mind. So I decided it was time to work through it. It didn’t really work. I kept dipping in and out of the memory asking questions about what was going on, trying to force my way into parts of it that wouldn’t open. The results were frustrating and the memory refused to crack. Continue reading