“Sinking into it”

Mt. Rainier

Maybe I should only post photos here taken with my Blackberry! I grabbed this one at noon today while hiking “the King” at the top of Crystal Mountain. I couldn’t resist. Often, while hiking with skis weighing down my right shoulder, I’m inclined to get to the destination as quickly as possible. Today, I had to stop, drop the skis, fish the Blackberry out of my pocket and capture the view. It was so bright, I couldn’t see what I was shooting, but I could see blue at the top of the screen and a swatch of something white-ish across the middle of the frame, so I figured Rainier was “in”. Continue reading

Breaking all the “Rules”

Easter Picnic

This is the photo I took with my Blackberry of our blissful lunch in the snow on Easter, at the tail end of an incredible day of skiing. At 2:30 pm Robby and I sat on a “snow bench” looking out over the valley eating our sandwiches… In four days of skiing in April, this was about it for the sunshine. Continue reading

Easter in Winter

Today’s photograph is not much, and its buried in the text of this post, where it belongs. I don’t like to ski with a big camera, so for now, its just my Blackberry. My camera hasn’t even seen the light of day since I got here. Not only have I been taking a break from the blog, but also from feeling pressured to shoot for it. Now I can’t wait to get back to making pictures and wish I liked to take the camera with me, but I like to ski too much to worry about its weight as well as protecting it if I crash. Continue reading

The Return of Winter

Catching up on Homework

Whenever a kid is home sick the day seems somehow out of whack. I never really know what time it is. The markers of “drop off” and “pick up” are gone, and the urgency to complete a project or do an errand before a daily time deadline is suddenly removed. I usually try to cancel or put off any commitments that keep me away unless its unavoidable, so by evening I feel like I’ve been in a time warp. Gillian was home sick today, and slept half of the morning, so I didn’t want to leave until she awakened and I could at least get her some food and make sure she had what she needed. By the time I got out of my pj’s to walk the dogs it was noon. Continue reading

Taking a Deep Breath


Its always a challenge to choose a photograph for my blog on days when I’ve been shooting for Soulumination. Nothing seems quite as compelling as the photographs I’m not using. Soulumination, if you aren’t familiar with the organization, takes photographs of children and parents with life-threatening illnesses. Free of charge, they put together a photographic record of love for the families of those who are ill.

Today the image posted here is one of those that was shot after “the shoot”. I photographed this guy because I loved the idea of sitting there in the late afternoon sun reading a book. Continue reading

The Carrot


Did I succeed in being in bed, lights out before 12? Yes. This reward thing could be the hot ticket for getting me to actually get more sleep and more rest.

Am I succeeding in feeling inspired tonight? No. But I did get to ski in a foot of new snow for the day. Continue reading

I Want to do it All


Robby texted me from the mountain this afternoon to say that the snow levels were dangerously low. As much as I was sorry that he was not having a great day of skiing, I was relieved that I wasn’t missing one. So goes my never-ending desire to be in two places at the same time. No question that I wanted to be at Gillian’s first volleyball game of the season, but when Larry Schick issued a “Powder Alert” for Saturday a couple of days ago, I mentally groaned. Continue reading

A Very Full Day

A Circuit Around the House

If I spend a lot of time writing something profound tonight, I will pay the price tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off at 5:30. I’m not sure why, but I have never managed to get a grip on how much time its going to take me to get ready to go anywhere. I had in mind that today I was going to go for a run/hike up the west side of Tiger mountain in the sunshine with my adventure pal. When we came up with this plan, I thought it was a great idea for the day before a long plane ride. Continue reading

Why am I going to New York?

Leschi Marina

How do you avoid taking this shot? How can I possibly not shoot just one more image of Mt. Rainier? That’s the question I’ve asked myself repeatedly the last couple of days. This time I was actually driving home from shooting out on Foster Island when my car decided we had to go down to the lake and see what the T-dock looked like with the sunset reflecting off of the buildings of downtown Bellevue. That was nice… Continue reading

Getting Untangled

A Beautiful Day

Its hard to think of walking the dogs as a serious responsibility on a February day when the sun is shining, I’m wearing a t-shirt, and I have to find a bottle of sunscreen before going out. There are plenty of times, in the months between November and May when I have to coax all three of us to go out, thinking really, they’ll be fine without a walk. Not today. This morning, they were only slow to get going because they were lounging lazily in the sunshine on the back porch. Continue reading