Taking it down a notch

Prep vs Lakeside 2-1

So, I’ve been writing this blog now for almost 3 months. I’ve learned a lot. Most importantly, I’ve learned how much I treasure being able to “be there” when the “goals are scored”, both literally and figuratively. Today, I missed Robby’s assist in the first half because I was with Gillian at the orthodontist, but I got there for the goal. He says the assist was the better play…

... and its in the net.

Just as important as being there for the victories, however, and possibly even more so, is the importance of being there when things are not going well. Being there to support a the child who is suffering or struggling, whether with friends or with calculus. I can’t help with the calculus, nor even the pre-calculus, but I can still be there… make some cocoa or a sandwich, give a hug or a high five. Continue reading

The Return of Winter

Catching up on Homework

Whenever a kid is home sick the day seems somehow out of whack. I never really know what time it is. The markers of “drop off” and “pick up” are gone, and the urgency to complete a project or do an errand before a daily time deadline is suddenly removed. I usually try to cancel or put off any commitments that keep me away unless its unavoidable, so by evening I feel like I’ve been in a time warp. Gillian was home sick today, and slept half of the morning, so I didn’t want to leave until she awakened and I could at least get her some food and make sure she had what she needed. By the time I got out of my pj’s to walk the dogs it was noon. Continue reading


Bangkok Beef with Basil

Does Archeology have anything to do with Bangkok Beef, or is this just one of those random entries where the photograph actually has nothing to do with the topic I’m writing about?

They are related. Maybe circuitously, which, if you know the way my mind works, is normal, but the connection is not as remote as some.

It all started in the garden. No, not the garden of Eden. We know that none of it really started there anyway. Continue reading

Changing Seasons

Addie shows her stuff

Addy is a gymnast, and this shot was a clear winner – a line drive into the middle of the other side of the court. The other team never saw it coming. She also stayed on her feet! I’m not sure any of the other girls could have done so.

Thankfully, the end of the seventh grade girls volleyball drama is behind us. Gillian’s team had their last game today. They lost in the third game, but it was their best effort of the year. I can’t say that I’m happy the season is over, because I think its so short that the girls barely get rolling and it comes to an end. But I will not miss the drama that has accompanied this year’s volleyball program. Continue reading


After Regaling Us with Her Jokes, My Neice Still Has a Mischievous Twinkle in Her Eye.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was wrestling with last years tomato plants and bean vines, the phone rang and I jumped off the vegetable garden terrace down about four feet onto the asphalt driveway to run and get it. I kind of rolled my ankle and it hurt. I have a distinct memory of thinking, “why did I do that?”, as the house phone is rarely other than some form of solicitation these days. But I wasn’t thinking at the time, I was just responding… an old habit, I guess. The other thought that went through my head was, “this better be worth it!”. It was. My brother, who travels constantly, was calling to see if we could come have dinner with his family tonight. Continue reading

Spring Fever

Mystery Bird

At some point I’m going to give up on trying to shoot at Volleyball games. Or maybe just wait until I have a camera that does low light better. Today I tried a tripod with a slow shutter speed to see if capturing movement blur looked better. Frankly, the gym’s don’t make very attractive backgrounds, and the lighting is worse, but I did get a few shots that are tolerable… interesting anyway. Still, not inspiring.

So I arrived back home to attack the vegetable garden. The tomato skeletons and spirals of dead sticks from the pole beans are still attached to their supports. Today actually feels like a spring day and the urgency to get last fall’s mess cleaned up was upon me. Armed with clippers, gloves and a rake, still in my running shorts from this morning, I headed out the back door and was greeted by the song of a bird I didn’t see until I looked more closely. This tiny bird, which at first I thought might be a hummingbird, was sitting on a kiwi vine just above the back porch. I ran back in the house to change lenses on my camera, sure that it would be gone by the time I returned. Obviously, it stuck around for a few minutes. I was entranced… I have no idea what this little creature is and would be delighted if anyone reading this knows and wants to tell me! Continue reading