Family 4th of July

Returning to Seattle from a long weekend with family and fireworks, a quick summertime post seems a relevant detour from the travel narrative…

For years, I”ve loaded my tripod into the car next to coolers and shopping bags full of more chips, marshmallows, hot dogs and soda than anyone (or maybe just me) can possibly imagine eating. Alongside sleeping bags, dog beds, dogs and kids, I squeeze my camera and personal belongings into the remaining corners and head off to our family’s rustic shelter on an undeveloped piece of land bordering a pristine bay. Continue reading


After Regaling Us with Her Jokes, My Neice Still Has a Mischievous Twinkle in Her Eye.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was wrestling with last years tomato plants and bean vines, the phone rang and I jumped off the vegetable garden terrace down about four feet onto the asphalt driveway to run and get it. I kind of rolled my ankle and it hurt. I have a distinct memory of thinking, “why did I do that?”, as the house phone is rarely other than some form of solicitation these days. But I wasn’t thinking at the time, I was just responding… an old habit, I guess. The other thought that went through my head was, “this better be worth it!”. It was. My brother, who travels constantly, was calling to see if we could come have dinner with his family tonight. Continue reading