The Blog-versation

Some parents would never consider blogging about their kids

If you didn’t catch the beginning of our blog-versation, and you’re just “tuning in” now. Here’s what’s up:  Alle (link to her blog) and I are having a “healthy, respectful debate” about the virtue or vice of writing/blogging about one’s children. It started a month ago or so when I saw a post she wrote on this topic.

I have to admit that its kind of weird to see something written about me, my blogging and my parenting! And, I want to immediately express my gratitude to Alle for her kind comments about the latter. Continue reading

“Sinking into it”

Mt. Rainier

Maybe I should only post photos here taken with my Blackberry! I grabbed this one at noon today while hiking “the King” at the top of Crystal Mountain. I couldn’t resist. Often, while hiking with skis weighing down my right shoulder, I’m inclined to get to the destination as quickly as possible. Today, I had to stop, drop the skis, fish the Blackberry out of my pocket and capture the view. It was so bright, I couldn’t see what I was shooting, but I could see blue at the top of the screen and a swatch of something white-ish across the middle of the frame, so I figured Rainier was “in”. Continue reading

St. Paddy’s Day


Today’s title really has nothing to do with the writing, its just that I’m a good Irish girl and its St. Patrick’s day. I thought all along, while I was writing tonight, that something of that would show up, but it didn’t, so I’m taking the liberty of honoring my heritage in the title, with almost no reference to it beyond that point. I didn’t even photograph the lamb and potatoes I made for dinner. (My kids don’t like Corned Beef.)

Instead of coming home from taking my charming 13 year old to school this morning and sitting down with my morning pages, I sat down with my camera. 13 year old girls can be merciless at times, and I simply didn’t feel like rehashing the details of the morning and previous evening in words. Better just to let it slide away while slicing open flower buds and seed pods with a razor. Continue reading

A Threshold


Making peace with my role as a stay-at-home mom was one idea for a sub-title for this blog. But that didn’t quite say what I wanted it to and the verbiage holds too much of an element of struggle and stress to it for it to feel “right”. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the blog as a place and space that is all mine, and within which I can do all the thrashing I need to at this moment in my life.

When I began writing, in January, I was beginning to feel the overwhelm that came with ramping up the creative part of my life. Writing this blog has in some ways exacerbated that tension, partly because the writing and photography I’m doing for the blog belong more to the moonlighting side of my life than to the stay-at-home mom side. Continue reading

New Plan… day 1

Parting Shot

After walking around Greenlake with four dogs, a friend, and my camera, having shot at least 50 frames, its this image that gets the nod. This one actually happened as I was sitting at my desk about to connect my camera and upload the day’s photographs to my computer. I looked up, saw the dramatic light, grabbed my camera, and jumped out the window. Continue reading

Playing with Fire

Still Life with Candles

Most of my life I’ve been accused of playing with fire. I think it was actually a theme in our family when we were growing up, so I guess it should come as no surprise that I always had to tell my children to keep their fingers out of candles when they were young. My mom likes to tell stories of my father blasting her across the room by throwing a bit of gasoline into a fire while she was sitting by the hearth studying before they were married. And she still married the guy! I have clear memories of setting the roots of trees on fire inadvertently due to letting a bonfire go a little too long and exuberantly – with my dad. Continue reading

Trying Another Approach

I’m going to try something different again.

After writing last night, I was frustrated to find it sounding a little too much like a diary. Yuck!

Narcissism. I’ve heard this word more than a few times with regards to writing blogs, and I have to say, when I find myself sounding like a diary, it sounds narcissistic. I’m attempting to write specifically from INSIDE my life, which, when I nail it, becomes a portal to the more universal human experience. Continue reading