Taking it down a notch

Prep vs Lakeside 2-1

So, I’ve been writing this blog now for almost 3 months. I’ve learned a lot. Most importantly, I’ve learned how much I treasure being able to “be there” when the “goals are scored”, both literally and figuratively. Today, I missed Robby’s assist in the first half because I was with Gillian at the orthodontist, but I got there for the goal. He says the assist was the better play…

... and its in the net.

Just as important as being there for the victories, however, and possibly even more so, is the importance of being there when things are not going well. Being there to support a the child who is suffering or struggling, whether with friends or with calculus. I can’t help with the calculus, nor even the pre-calculus, but I can still be there… make some cocoa or a sandwich, give a hug or a high five.

I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything. I know that. I’ve always known that, but having paid close attention, and watched myself over the past three months, I get it in a different way. That’s not to say I don’t have my moments of thrashing about, wondering how I can possibly do all of the things I want to do. Or, that I’ve conquered the demon that pushes me to stay up too late, because, I confess, I haven’t. But I am a little less worried about doing it all and a little more willing to just relax and enjoy this moment.

Having Charlotte come home and go back to school brought it all home to me clearly, that these moments are few and the number of future moments with my three children is not getting bigger. Realizing that its the END of Junior year for Robby, I want to be there when he gets home and get up before he leaves in the morning, even if I’m tired from staying up too late. A year and a half from now, he will not be here.

So… its Thursday evening before Spring Break. I came to the conclusion today, that I am not going to fuss and worry about posting something here each day, particularly if it takes me away from my gang in the precious evening hours. I will continue to post photos as many days as I have something to post, but I can’t worry about that either. It has to be fun and worthwhile.  We are off to spend a few days skiing tomorrow and I’m not skiing with my big camera. I don’t know if we’ll have wi-fi in the condo where we’re staying, so we’ll just have to see…

I will be back. There’s still a garden to report on!

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