Soccer Season

Prep vs Vashon

Bear with me while I work on my sports photography…

Today, the rain held off. I had a chance to play with shooting from different places on the sidelines as well as from behind the baseline.  It didn’t matter that I was at the vet with Sherlock and Cody and arrived at the game just as the ref blew the halftime whistle.

Ultimately, I was grateful I missed the first half. I don’t know if I could have stood out there much longer. The thermometer in my car said 49 degrees when I drove up, but I put both the hoods of my sweatshirt and coat up before I made it from my car to the field. The wind off of Lake Washington whipped my hair out from inside my hood and across my eyes.By the time Prep managed a 1-0 win, I was shivering. I had to shoot in bursts because the only way I could push the shutter was to hold it down. My fingers were shaking too much to just touch it. I drove home with the heat cranked and the seat warmer on. I don’t think Sherlock and Cody were thrilled with that.

In half a game I had 100 frames. When I got home and loaded them up, I only threw out 35. Not bad! That’s not to say that they are all newspaper quality, but they aren’t garbage. What I love most about soccer photos are the expressions on the players faces. That’s why I chose this one for today’s blog. I love Robby’s look of concentration and the blond guy? I’m not quite sure what that was all about, because the ball is definitely behind him on the ground, but its good for a chuckle.

I had another problem with time today. Again, Gillian was home from school and I was at my desk.

This happens to me all the time: I get on the internet to do something simple like buy vacuum bags. The next thing I know, I’ve been IN a vacuum. A time vacuum. There’s always the lure of free shipping, and pretty soon, I’m trying to make up the $5 between what I already have in my shopping cart and the free shipping amount. I know there’s something I have to buy anyway, but I just can’t remember what it is. Then I think of it and its not eligible for “free shipping”, so I look for it elsewhere on line that has free shipping already. Maybe the price is slightly higher, but it has no sales tax and so its a better deal. Pretty soon, I’ve got four shopping carts open, all with something in them, and I have to decide which vendor I’m actually going to purchase all this crap from. Its not really crap, and I am out of vacuum bags, but by then I’m so addled I just want to shut the whole system down, get in my car, drive to the one store that has the vacuum bags, pay double the price and worry about the other stuff when I’m flat out and its urgently needed for someone’s school project that’s due tomorrow. Ever had that happen?  Ok, so maybe its not vacuum bags, maybe its blank dvd’s or memory cards or even a book… you get the idea.

In case you’re dying to know, I did buy the vacuum bags. I was late to the vet. And my hands, five hours later, are still cold.


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