Changing Seasons

Addie shows her stuff

Addy is a gymnast, and this shot was a clear winner – a line drive into the middle of the other side of the court. The other team never saw it coming. She also stayed on her feet! I’m not sure any of the other girls could have done so.

Thankfully, the end of the seventh grade girls volleyball drama is behind us. Gillian’s team had their last game today. They lost in the third game, but it was their best effort of the year. I can’t say that I’m happy the season is over, because I think its so short that the girls barely get rolling and it comes to an end. But I will not miss the drama that has accompanied this year’s volleyball program.

Next up, the vegetable garden. One season ends and another begins.

Inspiring Edibles

A warm sunny afternoon gave me the opportunity to dig in with a pitchfork and break up the clumps and clods that formed over the winter and rake out the remaining weeds. By the time I got to planting, I think I had a full blown muscle spasm in my left side and back. With chard of many colors, spinach, arugula, lettuce and carrots all in the ground, marked and watered, I called it quits. The rest will have to wait for another day.

In the fading afternoon light, while it was still warm, I took the dogs and went walking in the arboretum. In retrospect, I wished I had my camera then too, but I was already so kinked up that I couldn’t think about carrying it. I needed to stretch out and move without anything hanging off of my body.

The light was stunning. Cherry blossoms and magnolia glowed. The rhododendrons are coloring up, thinking about opening, and the ponds scattered here and there reflected all of this glory. I was approaching the furthest south pond on Azalea Way, looking at the reflected trees in the water, when something else caught my eye. A huge grey heron took off from the pond and flew directly over my head. I was stunned. I’ve never seen a heron in there before. The Arboretum was full of people at 6pm on a sunny spring day, and this enormous bird was just sitting there in the pond.

That will probably be the last time I walk through there on a sunny day without my camera!

Stay tuned for photographs of the garden and my musings as it grows. Last year we had a virtual farm that took over not only the back yard, but my entire life. Every day involved creative uses for vegetables that we had over-planted. I’ve made a firm resolution that this year we will not fill every square inch of dirt with edibles, and if we do, we will have a table out in front with a big FREE sign. I don’t want to try and figure out what to do with hundreds of zucchini and enough green beans to feed the neighborhood every day for the months of August and September, not to mention the tomatoes and squash. Yes, its true, we couldn’t pick or eat all of the tomatoes and the weather got them before I got them in the house to finish ripening.


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