I think this play resulted in a penalty kick

I’m not sure why that # 6 guy had to go running in there. I would have loved to see this shot unobstructed. It is the most interesting photo on my memory card today, and I love the expressions, so this is it. Besides, Robby hasn’t had a photo lately, so its his turn. It was a tough day for photography at the soccer field. I got about 15 good minutes before I had to retire my camera due to a spring downpour. Shooting at sporting events has a different set of challenges than other stuff I photograph. For soccer, I really need to pay attention only to the game and shooting. I can’t be chatting on the sidelines with the parents and expect to get anything. I think my best shots are from the end of the field off to the side of the goal a little bit. Its more exciting to look at a photograph of the ball coming at you than it is to see it moving laterally across the screen. From the sideline, the speed of the game makes it hard to track play through a long telephoto lens. The ball changes directions constantly, going from forward to backward, as well as side to side. Getting close up shots is tough because with my eye glued to a viewfinder, I can’t see what’s going on on the field well enough to anticipate the ball movement. From the end of the field I can sometimes catch a run just as someone traps the ball, and hold the shutter down as they dribble towards me. Even if its just the ball and lower legs by the time they get close, that can be kind of fun, and those unexpected close-ups are some of my favorites. Often, I just stop trying and watch the game. Today it was easy to do. I had to protect my lens from the deluge. So I stood under one of those enormous golf umbrellas with a mom I’ve known since those grade school years I wrote about yesterday. She’s another one who had more brothers and sisters than I can remember.

Prep lost 3-0. All but two Juniors were gone on retreat. No subs. First real game of the season against what may be their toughest opponent. It can only get better from here…

Syracuse lost to Butler today.

I’m not having a brilliant sports day, but I think Robby’s is worse. We have a family pool for College Basketball’s final four every year, and I picked Syracuse to win this time. I haven’t looked yet, but I think that everyone else in the family picked Kansas, so no one is looking brilliant.

We each have to give our bracket a name. Charlotte’s, this year, is called “Victory from Afar”. Mine is called “Confident and Clueless”. I used to choose teams based on the names I liked or how I felt about the school. Now, I try to pay attention to what each team’s record is, at least. I’m not sure its working any better.

Gillian’s bracket has won the last few years. She has an uncanny knack for pulling the winners out of the air. If cheating were possible, she would have been accused of it. Last year Robby refused to pay the $5 he owed her and he’s declared this year “double or nothing”. If my memory is any good, Robby has not fared well. He takes pains (as well as time) with his bracket, so there are moments when his team loses to Gillian’s and his nostrils flare, veins bulging on his neck. I get a little worried. I think he’s ahead of her this year though, so we may have a peaceful dinner after all. I’m still waiting to hear the results of the UW vs. W. Virginia. All hopes are pinned on the UW even though we didn’t all choose them to continue beyond this point.  Results: ☹

If you read my blog regularly, I bet you never dreamed you’d find me writing about Basketball and Soccer – and both in the same day!


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