Spring Fever

Mystery Bird

At some point I’m going to give up on trying to shoot at Volleyball games. Or maybe just wait until I have a camera that does low light better. Today I tried a tripod with a slow shutter speed to see if capturing movement blur looked better. Frankly, the gym’s don’t make very attractive backgrounds, and the lighting is worse, but I did get a few shots that are tolerable… interesting anyway. Still, not inspiring.

So I arrived back home to attack the vegetable garden. The tomato skeletons and spirals of dead sticks from the pole beans are still attached to their supports. Today actually feels like a spring day and the urgency to get last fall’s mess cleaned up was upon me. Armed with clippers, gloves and a rake, still in my running shorts from this morning, I headed out the back door and was greeted by the song of a bird I didn’t see until I looked more closely. This tiny bird, which at first I thought might be a hummingbird, was sitting on a kiwi vine just above the back porch. I ran back in the house to change lenses on my camera, sure that it would be gone by the time I returned. Obviously, it stuck around for a few minutes. I was entranced… I have no idea what this little creature is and would be delighted if anyone reading this knows and wants to tell me!

Mystery Bird

A Ballerina?

With the garden partially tamed, and a big pile of debris in the alley below the vegetable bed, I came upstairs to write something quick in my blog before heading off to a school auction. I was greeted by raucous laughter coming from Gillian’s room where I thought that three girls were hard at work on a religion project that required a full Saturday afternoon’s group effort. For the second time, I ran and grabbed my camera, hoping the moment didn’t pass before I got back.

Maybe the religion project involves the Virgin Mary on toe shoes wearing a green tutu and a volleyball jersey? I’m not really sure how all of these pieces fit together. Now they’ve disappeared with the words “we’re going swimming!” In the lake? In March?  Spring fever anyone? By the way, she is not a Ballerina and those are not her toe shoes. Do you suppose Mary wore a tutu swimming?

When I turned on my computer to upload my photographs from the day, I found the following words of wisdom:

We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting. –Kahlil Gibran

I thought of the bird, sitting on the vine, waiting for me to appear with my camera, and how all I had to do was discover it there and let it show off for me.


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