Time Traveling

Heaven Scent

After circling the house a couple of times with my macro/close up lens on my camera, but without my tripod because I had about 10 minutes to allot to finding a photo in this time window, I gave up because there was a slight breeze blowing and every time I’d get the flower or lichen or whatever in focus, it would move.I think I mentioned this once before, but looking through this lens, you’d think there’s a gale blowing, when in reality that bit of nature’s beauty that the lens is trained on is moving almost imperceptibly. I finally (gulp!) pulled the magnolia blossom off the tree and went inside. By the front door, this little hyacinth had keeled over and was face down in the leaves left over from last fall’s storms. I plucked it too, and brought it inside where the sweetness of its fragrance could drift around the kitchen.

Indoor light is not what the great outdoors can provide, even on a rainy day, so I dug out my strobe, changed the batteries and decided to experiment. Lacking a second set of hands, I was using it on the camera with a diffuser and bouncing light off the ceiling as well as allowing window light. I’m not sure that the combination is ideal, but I liked this version. The experiment with the magnolia blossom was more of a challenge to produce a satisfactory image. This is the interior of the magnolia. I can generally pick out my stamen, pistils, and such, but this was beyond my flower anatomy knowledge.

Sugar Magnolia?

Don’t ask me why I titled that last one as I did… As I typed music and lyrics from the Grateful Dead took over and I was listening to virtual music.

After a big hit of spring lately, today’s grey skies and chilling rain felt a bit melancholy. The flowers beckoned as a reminder that real spring is just around the corner. Daylight saving time starts Sunday night.

I was waiting for my camera and computer to do their mysterious thing allowing me to see images on the big screen within minutes of when they’ve been shot, so I decided to check out what my friends were up to on Facebook. This, as anyone who has ever spent any time there knows, can be a time-sucking bottomless hole if you give it half the chance; thus the window of time I allowed it this evening. I’ve recently connected there with some of my closest childhood friends who no longer live nearby. One friend has been posting old scanned photographs of lots of others from 20 and 30 years ago. I found myself feeling wistful, flashing back to both happy memories and sad occasions with some of these people. Now I get it… the Grateful Dead… one of those apparently random associations. There’s no avoiding grief when reminiscing. I see people who I miss and some who I don’t know what became of them. I see gatherings of friends where I wasn’t and wonder where I was, realizing that I lost touch with people I wish I hadn’t. I don’t know them now like I wish I did. Their choices took them one direction, mine another. Now we live in different worlds.

The photographs finished uploading so I closed Facebook and moved over to Aperture and then my blog page. I post a photograph of a Magnolia blossom and suddenly it jumps back 30 years to a musical memory associated with the photographs I was looking at a half hour ago.

But this is the way my mind works. This morning, I sat down to write for a while and an image from a happy moment danced before my eyes. I let it take me through its portal and wrote what it felt like to have the warmth of the sun on my skin and the way that it lit a lock of hair that curled back upon itself. I could feel the hair in my fingers as I reached out and gently uncurled it. I watched as the curl sprang back into place in the glow of the afternoon sun coming through the east facing window in the hallway.

Fast forward back to today and I’m off to make some dinner for my tribe. I’ll finish this in the future (after dinner) so I can get in three different time periods in one post.

Tonight my boots and ski clothes are piled in the front hall. Its winter again and I decided to reward myself for all my progress on resting and sleeping this week if I can be in bed with the lights off, asleep before midnight. I found my pants and coat hanging over the ping-pong table where they’ve been for the last month. Dumping them on the pile, I suddenly remembered another skiing adventure with one of those recently found friends . I tried to call her earlier today and am sure that somehow now is our moment to reconnect. The memory was of driving to Crystal, just the two of us in a car that we weren’t sure would make it. It was a big snow day and I know we didn’t have chains. What I don’t remember is if we actually made it or hitchhiked from the main road as we talked about doing. That was our backup plan if the car couldn’t make it. Now I have to find out the truth.


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