No Big Deal

The Bar at Machiavelli

I was psyched when I saw this shot. I had been embarrassing my son by shooting with elbows propped on the bar, holding my breath so as to be as still as possible, seeing as though I needed to use a shutter speed of 1/10 second to get a proper exposure. I had promised I would put the camera away after this series, but still needed to get “the shot” for the blog. We were sitting in the bar waiting for a table to properly mark and celebrate his 17th birthday. Yes, that’s right, we were sitting in the bar. I’m not sure whether they didn’t notice that he looked a little young and has braces, that they didn’t care, or that they figured we’d only be there a few minutes, but it was a coup for him to sit in the bar unquestioned.

The big news for me this morning was that I actually did just barely make it out of New York on time. Newark, the airport I flew out of, did close, with record amounts of snowfall. Central Park had over 20″ the last time I checked, at mid-day today. My daughter’s friend sent me a message saying that it was a good thing I made it out because they were having a blizzard! So, I’m grateful that I’m home, celebrating a birthday, having just eaten Italian food for the third night out of five. My suitcase is unpacked, the laundry is almost caught up and the dogs got a hair cut. I’m always surprised when I come home from a trip of even a few days how easy it seems to be to do the things I often get bogged down doing when I do them every day. When I walked into the kitchen this morning after taking Gillian to school, the usual morning mess created by the hurried eating of breakfast and making of sandwiches greeted me. Often, this is enough to send me to my computer to answer email first. This morning, I didn’t think about it, I just cleaned it up. No big deal… Interesting.

I’m still digesting the contents of the last few days. I’m sure that this latest adventure will show up in my writing in one way or another for some time now. There are many little pieces that will be relevant in unforeseen bouts of thinking. I’m not going to try and dredge anything more up tonight. I’m tired, I still have to put clean sheets on the bed and persuade Gillian and her friend to get some sleep. Their first Volleyball game is tomorrow morning.

When we walked out of Machiavelli tonight, the air felt warm. I didn’t think about whether I’d be drenched by the time I got to the car, and there was no snow anywhere. I really am home.


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