A Different Kind of Adventure

A Room with a View

I thought about taking my camera with me this evening on a small walkabout up Broadway to Columbus Circle, and down through Hell’s Kitchen, wandering and deciding where I might stop and eat some dinner. But, I knew I absolutely didn’t want to lug my tripod after hauling it, along with my suitcase and camera bag, across the country, through two airports, two train stations – including Penn Station at rush hour – two trains, and finally a cab. And since it was already dark by the time I got to my hotel, I decided to leave it behind and simply watch, look, and listen, as if I had my camera.

Before I left my room this evening, I raised the blinds and discovered, to my joy, that I had a view! Now, when I say a view, it doesn’t necessarily mean something akin to my outlook at home, which takes in a large amount of lake Washington and the Cascades beyond, but the room has a view, in the sense that it looks out, instead of in on an interior passageway, or an elevator shaft. It also has a window that opens, so before I left, I climbed up on the ledge, pushed open the window, propped my camera on a bunch of magazines, because I couldn’t get the tripod near the open window, and grabbed a few photos of the view.

While I was out meandering, I took a couple of shots with my blackberry, which, after looking at them on this screen, I am embarrassed to admit that I actually sent to a few folks via email or text. I may have to retrace my footsteps in the daylight and try to capture those images again…

I am now happily ensconced in my tiny room, in my bed, in my jammies, with my computer.

I’m glad to be here. Its very liberating. I walked back from the restaurant where I ate dinner tonight in a cold rain with no umbrella because I live in Seattle. I think its about 35 degrees here, but I didn’t mind. I almost felt giddy. I was thinking, “here I am, walking down a neighborhood street in New York, by myself, at almost 11pm in the freezing rain, getting sopping wet. This is entirely my experience.” My hotel is on West 55th St. and as I turned onto 55th, I had to step out into the road because the whole block was strung with white lights, back and forth, across the street. I waited until there was no traffic and then popped out with my Blackberry to take a photo. It didn’t really work. Oh well. I have a mental picture. I’m not sure I can set up my tripod in the middle of 55th anyway, but if that’s possible, like at dusk, I’ll go back and try again.

So now that I’ve managed to get here, I just have to decide what to do when. I have a long list, and I’m also not wedded to anything except tomorrow afternoon’s reception. To have complete freedom to choose what I want to do is such a rare thing, that I almost don’t know what to do about it. At least at this moment. I am sure though, that when tomorrow morning rolls around, I will have no trouble. And before I know it, Thursday afternoon will be here, and it will be time to go home, and my list of things that I want to do will have grown instead of shrunk!

So for now, I’m off to bed to dream about what I do tomorrow in this unfamiliar set of circumstances… the stay-at home mom, set loose in the city with camera in hand. Stay tuned for the next chapter…


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