A Very Full Day

A Circuit Around the House

If I spend a lot of time writing something profound tonight, I will pay the price tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off at 5:30. I’m not sure why, but I have never managed to get a grip on how much time its going to take me to get ready to go anywhere. I had in mind that today I was going to go for a run/hike up the west side of Tiger mountain in the sunshine with my adventure pal. When we came up with this plan, I thought it was a great idea for the day before a long plane ride. As soon as my eyes opened this morning, I felt the stress of too many things on my plate, and started trying to figure out how to manage them all. I was thinking that maybe I should call my friend and beg off, but that would be kind of lame and I was really looking forward to a good dose of sunshine and hard exercise… knowing that she wouldn’t be fazed, however, I was weighing that option when I checked my email and found that she had beat me to the punch. Phew!

As it was, the day was looking really full. First thing I did was go out in my pajamas and do a circuit around the house to find “the shot” of the day. It’s not a clear winner, but its got some nice elements and will just have to work for today. Maybe I’ll have something more interesting for tomorrow… Its now 9:15 pm and most of the “to do” list is crossed out, but the suitcase is still empty, and my camera gear is all over the floor. Which lenses do I take? Do I have my battery charger? How about the cord for uploading images to my new laptop so I can post them to my blog? Tripod? What a pain it is to travel with a tripod… yet, when I need it, I’m so happy its with me and when I don’t have it, I get so irritated with myself for being lazy. So many times, just after its too late to handhold the camera for the shutter speed required, there’s something I wished I had it for. So, in it goes. Or rather, into my pile it goes  – and then into the overhead bin.

I keep getting distracted by things that I remember and then have to come back to the pile of clothes and try to figure out where I left off. Its cold and wet in New York. Down Jacket, rain jacket, wet weather footwear… My son is giving me a hard time for taking so much stuff. He thinks I’m not being “true to my roots” as a northwest girl, that I should have a much smaller suitcase full of fleece and micro-fiber. He probably actually thinks I should go with a small carry on with a change of underwear in it and a toothbrush.  I had to put on the clothes I’d decided to wear to the reception and go up the street for a real opinion. My daughter, her friend, and her friend’s mom decided the outfit was good enough. My red cowboy boots and good jeans are going to have to work as a nod to “my roots”.

So, now I have to get this pile organized.

Next post will be from New York.


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