Wearing Different Hats

Urban Wildlife?

I didn’t see any bunnies, but my own were in the forefront of my mind when I spotted this sign nailed to a tree along the Burke Gilman trail in Fremont. I had just come from a meeting with Robby and his college counselor. I was thinking, as I walked along the trail, how easily everything else that I was busy with today had receded. There was no place I’d have rather been than right there, sitting in that counselor’s office discussing the programs and merits of colleges from Colorado and Montana to others closer to home. So far, all in the west… I’m starting to like that idea. The sun was shining, I still needed to do some errands, and a long to-do list was waiting at home. In the past, I might have been distracted and caught myself thinking about what else I could be doing, but, having just been through the college hunt with Charlotte, and with her absence in our home still fresh, I know what lies ahead, and how important it is for me to be there for Robby and fully support this part of his growing up. Its feels a little bit like this is both my last chance to get it right and the home stretch all at once. I didn’t think about it until later, but while I was in that office, the “moonlighting” part of me went somewhere else to… moonlight. The full-time mom was on duty, 100%. Driving across town after, I had to stop and get food. In my hurry to get to the appointment, I had forgotten to eat and was ravenous. So I stopped at PCC in Fremont and walked along the trail with my camera in one hand and a veggie wrap oozing avocado in the other. I guess that was my transition from mom back to photographer. I had spent the morning speed-editing the remaining images from the shoot last Saturday and burning a dvd so that I could deliver it to Soulumination today. It would have been nice to linger in the afternoon sunshine along the canal. Lake Union rowing club’s shells, kayakers, and canoes paddled by. The water sparkled in the sunshine. Bicycles whizzed by behind me. Its winter break for a lot of schools and kids, so dogs and strollers turned the trail into a pedestrian highway. I didn’t mind the fact that I needed to jump back in my car to deliver the photographs though. I am grateful to be doing that work.

I swapped hats again when I drove up to the house this evening. It was a good thing too, because my youngest bunny need some tending as soon as I walked in the door.

Maybe I will learn to manage trading all of these hats with grace after all… A little sunshine and a “bunny crossing” sure doesn’t hurt the cause.


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