Not Trying Too Hard

Sunday Morning Soccer Game

I hadn’t yet finished my “Morning Pages” when it was time to dash out the door to the Redhawks game, so there was certainly no chance of ending up in some dark corner of my mind wondering how I got there and where the time had gone. Standing next to a soccer field armed with a camera and a long lens is a very different mental exercise. 16 and 17 year old males play an intense brand of soccer, and rarely does a game end without a yellow card or three. The refs have to use them regularly to keep the game from turning into a brawl. After the game, my son handed me the keys to the car he drives and asked, “Mom, will you drive me home”? How could I refuse? En route, he told me about a certain trick that one can employ to give the impression that the defending player tackled you and thats why you ended up on the ground in the penalty area. I was incredulous. Apparently you slyly reach behind your own back and pull the other guy over on top of you as you are going down. I learn new things every day! Today’s game ended with the Redhawks victorious, so they win their group and move on in the tournament.

Sundays are also the days I have to post the week’s images for my on-line nature photography class, so I spent a good chunk of the afternoon shooting the photographs still missing from the assignment. I lost track of time as I wandered around the wetlands north of the Arboretum. It was a quiet, still afternoon, no rain, no sunshine, just flat water, grey skies and lots of ducks. I’ve always thought ducks were just about the most boring birds, and why would anyone want to photograph them. They are everywhere. But that’s just it. I never pay any attention to them because of their ubiquitousness! So today they got their due. And I have to say, the ducks really put on a show. I even photographed a duck fight up close. It was a perfect metaphor for this blog. Is there any bird more mundane than a mallard duck? But here I was, captivated by the ducks. I have a lot of deleting of boring “just miss” photographs , but if I hadn’t been standing there for a long time shooting them, I wouldn’t have gotten this one:

Showing off?

I realized while I was there by the water, that the photo assignment was actually forcing me to slow down and that that was a very good thing. It was hard to even imagine my mind jumping through the hoops it sometimes does when I’m sitting writing. So I stayed longer, breathed deeper and smiled at the ducks antics. There were a few other waterfowl that arrived and I ended up with far more than I went in search of by simply staying still, waiting, and watching.

I didn’t quite finish the list I made for the day, but incredibly, I got close, even after wandering in the wetlands and lingering by the ducks playgound.


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