Juice It!

Fresh Spring Greens at Juice It

So… how does this relate?

Actually, its the name of this place in the bottom of the Convention Center where I went with my brother for lunch. Brown rice, fresh raw veggies, yummy sauce… a perfect no-guilt way to fill up. We could have added some by finishing off our lunch with some fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies, which were part of the conversation, and might have, had the topic not taken a more serious turn. I rarely go out for lunch, and even more rarely downtown for lunch, so I told my brother to pick the spot.  We walked up the hill a couple of blocks, with the seemingly perpetually grey skies spitting rain drops at us. I warned him that my camera was now a permanent appendage, so that he didn’t react to it like my kids often do when I pull it out … “Oh, Mom… you are a creeper.” He steered me further and further back into the Convention Center’s ground floor. I felt somewhat like I was being herded, because I couldn’t imagine that we weren’t going to stop or go straight ahead, and he didn’t tell me where we were going, he just kind of leaned on me as we walked. Only my brother walks with me like that, though there’s something very familiar about it, so maybe I do it too. I’ll have to ask my kids. I’m not sure I could find this place right away if I were by myself. It wouldn’t be surprising to anyone who knows my sense of direction if I ended up in the wrong back section of the Convention Center at a dead-end.  I share all of this because if this type of food suits you, and you happen to be in downtown Seattle, you have to go. Don’t expect to find it easily, or to sit down, and do expect to wait in line and to know what you want before you are close enough to the front of line to actually see the several chalkboards where the extensive menu of fresh juices, smoothies, rice bowls, sandwiches and salads scratched out in dense lettering.

Beginning tonight’s writing, only one reflection on the expression “Juice it”, came to mind. That is, to “go for it”. To get everything you can out of a moment or an opportunity. I guess that’s most often the way I look at life. Once I had an astrologer tell me that I came here to live about 12 lifetimes in one. I’m not sure if that number is accurate or not, but I know that I have a tendency to try and do more than can be done with any kind of sanity. True, I do a lot of different things. The dark side of this, is that sometimes its out of fear of not having enough time to do everything I want to do. It shows up here in this blog… being concerned that when my kids are all grown I won’t have some other life in place. My tendency has been to look past the riches of today in favor of creating something for when tomorrow comes. Part of the reason for writing this blog is to not only pay homage to the now, but to learn to see it and appreciate it more deeply. The irony of doing the blog, with my tendencies, is that I have to be careful that I am not always looking ahead of myself for the material for the blog! Slowing down and appreciating where I am and what I’m doing, is what I was after, so I’m constantly watching my impulse to push my vision forward into the future. The richest moments, those full of the best material, are right in front of me. They come to me. I just need to trust that they will be there. I don’t need to always “juice it”!

One last thought: Thanks to all of you who have shown interest in what I am writing about here. By reading this blog you let me know that it is relevant. I will write it all anyway, but I’m grateful that it is finding its way to people who can relate. I had a feeling that I wasn’t alone…


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