Lessons from a Soccer Game

Landing on the soccer field?

It always amazes me when I’m at Georgetown soccer field how low the planes come. This afternoon was no exception. As we were parking the car for Robby’s 2:45 game, the new Boeing 787 flew by. I swear it was eye-level. Its one thing when you are driving through the area; you notice a lot of low level air traffic. Standing by the field, however, I often get the impression that a giant malevolent insect is bearing down on me. Continue reading

I Want to do it All


Robby texted me from the mountain this afternoon to say that the snow levels were dangerously low. As much as I was sorry that he was not having a great day of skiing, I was relieved that I wasn’t missing one. So goes my never-ending desire to be in two places at the same time. No question that I wanted to be at Gillian’s first volleyball game of the season, but when Larry Schick issued a “Powder Alert” for Saturday a couple of days ago, I mentally groaned. Continue reading

No Big Deal

The Bar at Machiavelli

I was psyched when I saw this shot. I had been embarrassing my son by shooting with elbows propped on the bar, holding my breath so as to be as still as possible, seeing as though I needed to use a shutter speed of 1/10 second to get a proper exposure. I had promised I would put the camera away after this series, but still needed to get “the shot” for the blog. We were sitting in the bar waiting for a table to properly mark and celebrate his 17th birthday. Yes, that’s right, we were sitting in the bar. Continue reading

New York State of Mind?

It seems as though I may actually get home tonight. Snow has been falling continually in Manhattan since 7am, so it was looking a little sketchy for a while. This morning, as I have the past two mornings, I walked a couple of blocks up the street to get coffee at Zibetto’s. They serve lattes in tall glasses drunk standing up at a narrow marble counter by Italian baristas. The words “ciao”, “buon giorno”, and “un altro cappucino” echo off the hard surfaces. I had no idea there were still so many native Italians in New York. Continue reading

A Birthday

Washington Square Arch

It may not appear to be the case, but I have actually taken some photographs here during the day. The night ones are my favorites though. Its amazing because all three of them have been shot without a tripod. I’m not sure why I lugged that thing all the way from Seattle, but I suppose if the weather had been better and I were actually out on specific photographic missions, then I would bring it along. As it is, I’m kind of shooting when I’m not inside someplace warm and dry. Continue reading


A Cold Rainy Walk

I’ve only been soaked three or four times since I got here. I’m not sure what I was thinking with the rain attire that I brought with me, but then again, I don’t really walk around Seattle in cold, driving rain for hours a day. I guess I didn’t think it did this here. In my mind, its often cold, rains some, snows a lot sometimes, and everyone is out going about their business. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Adventure

A Room with a View

I thought about taking my camera with me this evening on a small walkabout up Broadway to Columbus Circle, and down through Hell’s Kitchen, wandering and deciding where I might stop and eat some dinner. But, I knew I absolutely didn’t want to lug my tripod after hauling it, along with my suitcase and camera bag, across the country, through two airports, two train stations – including Penn Station at rush hour – two trains, and finally a cab. Continue reading