Patting Myself on the Back

Volleyball season is on the horizon

True confessions:  I posted this at 11:59pm.  It was an incomplete post and now I’m editing it just after midnight, so I have to be quick if I want keep the promises I’ve made to myself…

After getting off a plane at 7:30 Sunday evening and being in class all day yesterday, followed by a day that began before 7 today, and ended when I arrived home just a bit ago at 10:45, I’m ready for a break in the pace. I’m also exhilarated because I feel like I’ve made enormous progress.  Getting through today gracefully was the biggest coup. It could have been a stressful day that left me feeling frazzled, but I knew it was coming and called in resources that I’ve learned to trust and allowed it to unfold.  I didn’t quite make it everywhere I needed to be on time, but I got there with everything I needed to do done and felt peaceful about it.  The dogs didn’t get their usual long walk, but I managed to take them on 3 short walks and they thought that was pretty sweet. All day, I wore my favorite ripped jeans, old clogs and a sweatshirt. That felt just right too. I arrived at today, just as I was, feeling comfortable in my ragged and not quite put together state.  I even managed to appreciate my children and spend a little bit of time with both of them (the two in Seattle).  I’m not sure how that all happened, but I believe that it had to do with the fact that I didn’t ask more of myself than I could deliver.  I didn’t create an image for the day that was unattainable, and allowed it to show me how to go through it gracefully and peacefully.  I didn’t have much to bring to the equation after last week and the weekend, so I just brought my rather beat up self and allowed it to just be as it was. It worked…

The photographs I shot were an experiment with the late afternoon light. The girls were headed out to practice their volleyball skills, and as the sun dropped in the western sky, the light softened. This scene is truly one of those very ordinary scenes, a version of which can be witnessed in cities around the world on most any afternoon. The scenery changes. The clothing, skin and hair color vary. The type of ball differs, but the essence of the moment has the same resonance on every continent. I shot this scene from three different directions.  At this angle, its a photograph about the light. Two girls are hitting a volleyball back and forth on a city street, but I was seeing the way the light played off of the ball and outlining the shape of their bodies.  They started to glow.  The image shows a busy scene, but my eye goes straight to their faces and hands, and to the exchange taking place between them.

At the bottom of the photograph is my new watermark. I’m actually pretty proud of this for a couple of reasons. First, because I tend to be technologically challenged and push things like this to the bottom of the list indefinitely. Secondly, I’ve wanted to create one of these for a long time, as I’ve had photographs that were part of a project used without my knowledge or permission. I wanted it to be something fairly unobtrusive, because I don’t like the idea of my name being plastered across the images, but I want it to be visible enough so that if someone pulls them off the web without talking to me about it, the correct attribution and copyright information is on the photograph. It might be a little big on these small images, but its a good place to start and I like the look of it… One more reason to pat myself on the back…


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