Back Home

After the storm

The above photograph was taken across the main boulevard from the college campuses, looking towards the mountains. Remember, this is southern California! Today was a beautiful day and I was reminded of what a special place this is, and how lucky my daughter is to have found a college where she is so happy, and which suits her so well. Maybe next time I come visit, I will get to enjoy some of this glorious California sunshine. For now, I am back home to the familiar Seattle weather, and the rain here seems friendlier than the storm did there. The flooded paths and courtyards of that land which is accustomed to warmth and sunshine were littered with leaves and branches from tropical and semi-tropical plants and trees. Today, people were smiling and wearing their shorts again despite the chill that persisted in the air. ¬†Home again, in a place accustomed to rain and grey skies, no one is wearing shorts, but they don’t seem cowed by the weather either.

Its late now and I’ve promised not to kill myself staying up late writing anymore, so I’m signing off. Tomorrow is a school morning and the usual routine: breakfast, lunches, and carpools…


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