Blogging on a Blackberry

Dinner at Press in Claremont

I thought that I might borrow my daughter’s laptop and write my daily post while I’m down here visiting in not-so-sunny southern Cal… But today didn’t really go as planned and so here I am writing a few brief sentences on my Blackberry before I go to sleep. I did shoot a few frames, and I guess I’ll update this post once I have a place to upload the photographs, but that’s not happening tonight.This has been a ragged week and the stress finally hit fully today. I’m grateful for the fact that I don’t have to get up tomorrow until I wake up.

Update:  I took this shot at dinner with Charlotte and her friends.  The band was an interesting mix of older gentlemen.  Charlotte says that she thinks that there are a lot of older people who spend their retirement doing this in this town. Seems like a great way to not grow old…


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