Another Fresh Start

A beautiful way to start the day

that just got better

Yesterday evening, I got a phone call from my bank telling me that someone had tried to use my driver’s license to cash a check at another branch. The drive-through teller got wise and confiscated the license and check they were trying to cash. I retrieved my driver’s license, and now have it in hand, along with a pile of new account paperwork.  Its a very uncomfortable feeling to have someone out there running around pretending to be me.

This morning I awakened to the most incredible light.  Once again, I grabbed my camera and jumped out the window.  I love the morning light over the Cascades. When I can see the mountains and a clear sky, the day begins on an “up” note. Such was the case today. I still had a lot of hassle ahead of me.  I still felt slightly disoriented, but the deep sadness was gone and has stayed away.

Tonight I am trying hard to figure out what I need to throw into a suitcase so that I can get on a plane tomorrow, and go visit my big girl in southern California, where it is pouring rain and 50 degrees.  I get to see her in her world, meet her friends and watch her swim.  Its a funny thing… I’ve been watching swim meets since she was seven, and all of a sudden she went off to college, and I don’t go to swim meets any more.  This weekend, I get to sit by the side of a pool again and watch that familiar ritual that was a regular occurrence for the last 12 years.  She stands behind the block, completely focused, shakes out arms and legs, bends down, dips her goggles in the water and finally puts them on.  Then she’s on. Nothing exists but the race she is already swimming in her mind… It will be fun to see that again.  And to hang out, eat together, explore the village, and just be.

I’m out of time for writing now.  Let’s see how I do updating this from her laptop!


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