Just write about it

When there seems to be nothing else to do, just write about it…

I took some great shots today.  Unfortunately, they are in my little camera which was in my purse, when it was stolen.  After spending a couple of carefree hours strolling around Fremont with my friend this afternoon, I took my camera, tripod strobe and extra lenses to Greenlake to work on my next little photo assignment.  I had my hands full so I stashed my purse under my coat in the car and didn’t worry about it.  It was, finally, a lovely afternoon on a holiday and there were hundreds of people walking, running and driving around. Probably naive and silly of me, but I knew I wouldn’t be long and tend not to be a worrier, so I didn’t imagine that someone might come along, smash my window, throw the stuff that was over my purse on the ground, and run off with it.  I guess we all have to learn that sometimes the world is not a very nice place the hard way.

So all I have to offer photographically are some stupid ducks:

Stupid Ducks

So now I’m going to light a candle and put it in my window for Haiti, like I did last night.  If anyone reads this and wants to join me, please do.  The people there are suffering in a way beyond the pale of my imagination, but I am feeling a wee bit sad tonight, so their plight seems more tragic today.  I am also very grateful that I am sad only because I have lost a few personal belongings.


2 thoughts on “Just write about it

  1. Thanks Cindy,
    I appreciate your comment. I think I actually need to go blow out my candle pretty soon now… but I will light it again tomorrow night and the following one. Its a good reminder, and gives me a feeling of solidarity with other human beings for whom I really can do nothing other than pray and light my candle in faith that their suffering will be lessened.
    I’m glad to know that you are burning a candle too. I can feel your companionship, and I’m grateful for that.
    XO Cami

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