The Hat

My "Adventure Girl" hat

It wasn’t raining this morning.  I had a photo project to do that had been put off all week.  Sometimes I do things that will force me to expand my photographic skills, so a couple of weeks ago I signed up for an online class.  The assignments need to be posted by Sunday.  This week I was supposed to photograph a scene or an item lit three different ways.  I had had grand ideas of shooting the mountains, or a fountain in the park, or a stand of birch trees out by Greenlake that I have shot before.  But that wasn’t happening… it just kept raining.  Finally, this morning, I ran upstairs and grabbed some of my favorite things off of my dresser.  I threw my hat on my head, and ran out the back door in my pajamas.  My son asked where I was going… the thing is, this hat is the one I wear when I go adventuring, so I’m sure it was a little surprising for him to see me running out the back door in my pajamas wearing the hat.  But I was on an adventure – a quest for three images that adequately showed front, back and side light.  Usually the hat is worn on solo treks through the mountains or when I escape my real life and go rock climbing in Idaho… dangerous activities that require that I put on not only the hat but my fearless mountain girl persona.  There was nothing treacherous about this morning’s adventure, except perhaps the slipperiness of the deck outside.  But just putting on the hat, with its feathers collected on trails in four states, seemed to create an adventure out of a short interval of shooting photos outside in my pajamas.


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