Promises from the Sun and the Moon

Sitting at the kitchen table drinking my coffee and writing affirmations, I suddenly looked up to be greeted by the most incredible gift:

The gift of a new day

This week, Morning after morning, the drumming of the rain is the first thing I remember.  Today was quiet.  Then this.  Finally we were going to have a day when the grey did not descend from heaven to earth turning trees, homes, and commercial structures into vaguely geometric blurs.  I was excited at the idea of not taking Sherlock and Cody for a walk that we all three couldn’t wait to get home from.  I got busy with some things that had made it to the top of the priority list – you know, the deadline is today? Got those checked off my list… I thought I’d do a couple of errands on foot and stuck my credit card in the pouch on the outside of my new toy camera.  I Pulled the leashes out and threw them on the floor in the front hall next to my shoes, camera and envelopes ready to be dropped in the box up the street. When I ran upstairs to put on a sweatshirt I happened to glance outside and realized it was raining.  I had been so optimistic that I figured it was going to stop and did a few more things.  My big girl, away at college in Southern California called. She told me a few stories, then said, “hang on for a second mom, I gotta take my shirt off so I can sit in the sun in my bikini top.”  I almost hung up.  I never did take the dogs out.  It just rained harder.  Tomorrow?…

I just realized that it is now tomorrow.  Oh well… I guess we’ll have two entries for Jan. 15.

Opening my email this morning I read two things that I’d like to share as relevant to this exploration/experiment/conversation. The first is an article from my friend Liz who quoted me the last lines of an article entitled, The Enlightening Bridge Between Art and Work:

We need an art that can proclaim the intelligence, peculiarity, beauty and horror of the modern workplace and, not least, its extraordinary claim to be able to provide us, along with love, despite current economic mayhem, with the principal source of life’s meaning.  – Alain De Botton

Here’s that link:

While we may not typically see our homes as “the workplace”, for stay-at-home mom’s it is.  This blog, or at least some of the accompanying photographs, is my answer to Alain De Botton’s call.

After reading Liz’s article, I moved on to the “Astro Newsletter”, a bi-monthly report on what the moon is up to, and how we earthlings might be experiencing it. I’m quoting it in full here because its not on her website, its an email newsletter only. The italics are mine.


We are definitely in a whole new energy with this dynamic New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, an earth sign.  We are finally feeling the grounding we’ve felt was missing for many, many months.  We find here the Sun, the Moon and Venus all at the same degree of Capricorn, so we will also have a burst of confidence and enthusiasm about how our own personal forward motion will expand this coming year, and how we feel ready to handle the opportunity, and how we will have a new confidence in what we want and need to manifest in our lives.  Capricorn teaches us to abide by the realities of the material plane, the physical constraints of time and space, of cause and effect.  Capricorn also deals with authority and self-reliance.  How do we measure ourselves against external standards of success, or by our own personal, internal, spiritual compass? Like the lunar eclipse that occurred two weeks ago, this solar eclipse is closely conjunct Venus, calling us to clarify our very core values and recognize the real cost of our choices. What matters most of all?  How can we use our own creativity to solve the various obstacles that may appear on our horizon.

This certainly is our chance to truly manifest what is our heart’s desire in all areas of life.  And not only do we have this eclipse energy for a whole year, we will be having a second Capricorn solar eclipse next January as well.  So, last year was about clearing and addressing old beliefs, and old imprinted values, and now we are being asked to step up in our lives with a new commitment to maturity, and to act from a framework of an understanding of no more scapegoating of others, or settling for just a band-aid solution.

We also have the planet Jupiter moving out of Aquarius into Pisces, which gives us a new, more subtle sense of the non-material realms and how we will be also valuing our intuition, imagination, dreams and expanding our metaphysical knowledge.

So, open to all of these new energies, and feel your own forward motion so that what you manifest will be a very pleasing and rewarding way to live your life.  ~ Nancy Ogren

Her website is:

So… How do we measure ourselves?  By what we do, in terms of how we perceive it via the lens of our culture?  Or who we know ourselves to be, deep inside, beyond the lens of culture, beyond the scope of our belief systems and inherited values.

Tomorrow is a new day and it will be here sooner than I’d like, so that’s all for now.


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