Morning Pages

A few years ago, I picked up a copy of Julia Cameron’s book “The Artists Way”.  Since then, I have followed her suggestion, more or less religiously, of writing Morning Pages: Longhand free-writes – no editing allowed.  After writing the normal three pages, I decided that I would work on my blog entry for the day so as to avoid the trap of finding myself staring at my computer at midnight again.  Soon, I had a full page of writing in this space.

I wrote a hairball.  In lieu of subjecting anyone to reading the twisted workings of my mind when it starts to cannibalize itself, I made a graph of it:

Graph of a written hairball

This is why it is dangerous to spend too many hours thinking.  Since I know one sure-fire way out of my linear mind (particularly when the linear part looks like this), I am going to do us all a favor and go climbing.  Monkeys aren’t really concerned about whether staying at home or foraging for bananas is of greater value…


One thought on “Hairballs

  1. Cami- thanks for sending me the blog, i am all caught up now as i’ve read back from the beginning. i will enjoy keeping up through the year, and seeing the pics. Another good way to keep in touch! i like the hair ball picture you drew, especially the assortment of colors!

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