Wait… Stop… Rewind…

So, my daughter called me out this morning.  She very kindly told me that I should avoid sounding “preachy”.  I get it.  And, I see the problem.  If I write ABOUT something like grief, I don’t write from INSIDE that experience, and it sounds like a sermon. Particularly in writing on a topic like that, which can really only be experienced, the results will not be what I want here, because my intention for this blog is to write from inside of my experience.  Therein lies the great difficulty of writing that I am constantly discovering… The words never quite do the trick when I try to describe something that I experienced unless I am writing and feeling that experience at the same time.  So today, I am going to make soup and call a friend who is deeply within her own experience of grief.

3rd version of this photograph - jaundice problem solved

I will have to admit that I had a little fun with this photo. You might have to click on the photo and enlarge it in order to see why.  I tried to put a bigger version in here, but all it did was crop me out and enlarge the pot of soup. I figured that since this actually the first photograph of me in this blog, I might as well be visible.  I do believe its also the first self-portrait I’ve ever shot.  (And in case you don’t know what I look like, I really don’t have jaundice, its just that when I pull the images into the blog, the skin tones do not appear the way they look when I edit the photos.) Its truly remarkable what this blog has pushed me to do, and I’m only on day 4.

Another first… its only 7pm.  I will have no excuse to stay up half the night writing. Now off to test the soup…


2 thoughts on “Wait… Stop… Rewind…

  1. hahaha excellent wine choices mother. I seem to remember that the guy at the leschi mart did not recommend those wines very highly and seemed to think that it was silly to by them for the label…? Although I think that those labels are entertaining enough to merit purchase. A nice response to my preachiness critique… I’ve also showed your blog to my friends down here, you are well on your way to becoming a raging hit in the blogosphere.

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