Jumping in with both feet

I had no idea that this blogging thing was going to be so much fun!  I was really tired today from staying up half the night last night getting this set up. This morning,  it didn’t look the way I wanted it to at all, so I had to spend more time today fixing it.  By 1:30 this afternoon I had yet to eat breakfast and was shaking as I staggered to the kitchen slightly dizzy from low blood sugar.  I was already beginning to think this might not be a good idea… Then I got comments! That was exciting, but I had to put my mind to the photo of the day… I realized when I started this that I was making a commitment to pick up my camera daily for a year, and not only look at my environment in the way I always see it, but in a new way.  I have always loved this element of photography, but on a “normal” day that usually means I go out to “walk the dogs” through the green belt in our part of the city with a camera slung over my shoulder.  Its an automatic mood changer. I find it impossible to go out with my camera and not see beauty all around me. I know that Seattle is a beautiful place,  but the actual physical prop of my Nikon D2x awkwardly hanging off of my body while I juggle the leashes seems to elevate my ability to see the buds on the trees, the shades of grey in the clouds and the reflections of branches in the ever-present puddles.  The challenge of bringing that mode of perception into my home and into the nitty gritty of my daily life seems bigger.

I discarded my first thought about the photo of the day immediately… While I was obsessing over getting my blog right this morning, Sherlock, our smallest dog, got a little irritated with me and decided to use the dining room for a bathroom. I briefly contemplated setting up my tripod and turning on the self-timer while I cleaned up the mess.  Following my own logic however, I realized that if photographed that, then I would be honoring that moment.  I refused.  As a matter of fact, Sherlock may have to wait longer than the rest of the family to appear in this blog.  I’m not sure he understands this punishment, but I do!

When I finally did go retrieve my camera from next to the computer where I left it last night, the battery was dead. In my daze, I had left the power on all night.  The daylight was already fading and I needed to charge the battery before I could shoot anything.  Bummer!  I think the Universe is conspiring to force me to get comfortable using strobes.  So I waited.  This was when the fun really started… Plenty of neglected housework and dishes were there to greet me once I opened my eyes to them.  After a load of laundry, some dishes, and hot cocoa for Gillian, the battery had enough life in it to shoot Robby attempting to drink a massive cup of chai that was too hot and too full to pick up.  Soon, I was standing on a stool with one foot on the counter shooting down into the Kitchen Aid mixer as it stirred up a batch of gluten-free bread. I probably would have gone to a distant natural food store to buy a loaf had I not thought that it might make an interesting shot.  It did not, however, measure up to my expectations.  Next, I ran off to the Leschi Market to buy sliced turkey for Gillian’s ski bus dinner with my camera in hand. I had a ball standing outside,  shooting people coming and going during rush hour.  Only one person thought it was even slightly odd for a someone to stand and shoot photos in the dark, at the doors of the store opening and closing.

Robby's after-school Chai Latte

5:30 pm at the grocery store

I think the idea of a 365 day photo project is actually only a photo a day… I’m supposed to pick the best one or something.  But I don’t have a rule book and I can’t decide.  I’m taking votes though, if any one wants to opine.

Finally, I suppose I should note, that even though the first post is dated today, it was really yesterday’s post because I had yet to adjust the internal time clock for Pacific Coast time on my blog.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting adventures!


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